Tips For Increasing Security In A Commercial Garage Or Receiving Entrance

10 March 2015
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Increasing the security in a commercial garage or receiving entrance can be a challenge, as you may want to keep the doors open during work hours or may not have the budget to install a fancy alarm and camera system. There are some simple things that you can do to increase security while still keeping this entrance accessible and even comfortable for workers on the inside of the facility. Note a few simple tips here.

1. Add a mesh or screen door to the outside of the main door

If you want to keep the garage door open to keep your work crew comfortable but still want them to work behind a closed door, a mesh or screen door can be the best solution. These can be made of a very thick and sturdy metal that keeps your crew secure but which still allows in fresh air and light. A mesh door also makes it easy to see approaching trucks.

The mesh door can also add a layer of security to your door after hours. It's one more door that a thief or intruder would need to somehow break through in order to get into your facility, thereby increasing security all hours of the day and night.

2. Add a padlock to the bottom of the door

A good way to secure your commercial garage door is to add a padlock to the bottom, which would lock to a loop secured to the floor of the garage. This adds to the security of your door because thieves often try to pry open a door from the bottom, and if they use a strong enough lever they can break locks on the sides as they force the door open. However, a padlock can keep the garage door securely in place and make it more difficult for anyone to actually pry it open.

3. Paint the exterior a reflective color

Lights hooked up to motion detectors are a good security feature, but these can easily be broken or disabled by thieves and intruders. A good way to keep the area around the garage door illuminated is to paint it a reflective color. A color that glows in the dark or otherwise reflects any light will keep the area somewhat illuminated even if the surrounding lights are broken. This makes it easier to see thieves and may discourage them from lingering in the area or taking the time to break in.

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