Setting Up The HR Manager's Office In An Open Plan Office

25 March 2015
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While an open plan or glass walled office has a great role in creating an open and innovative culture in the workplace, sometimes you still need some privacy, especially if you are in a HR role. Here are some ideas on how to create some privacy without fully walling off the HR managers office.

Apply an eye level of window privacy film

Create some restrictions to the visibility of a glass walled office by placing a window privacy film between 50 cm from the ground at 180 cm. This will mean that the office still has the impression of glass, and plenty of light will be able to come in the office, but people will not be able to see into the office unless the door is left open.

Window privacy film is an ideal way to create privacy in temporary or rented offices. Window privacy film is as easy to remove as screens or blinds, but much more secure while in place due to the high adhesion, making it less likely to fall down at inopportune moments.

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Make use of private meeting rooms

Some people may be reluctant to be seen coming into the HR managers office, especially if they are complaining about their supervisors or peers. Make sure other areas in the building can hold private meetings - both on HR issues and confidential client matters. Having a combination of private meetings rooms and walled off meeting rooms is ideal.

When planning the meeting rooms to be sure to include phone jacks, screens for presentations and computer points so that meetings can be supported by people on conference calls.

Use policy/administrative controls

Make use of administrative options as well, such as having your electronic calendar set up to not show the name of your meeting attendees publicly. You can also place a sign on your office saying whether you are "In & Free to speak", "In & Not to be disturbed" or "Out of the Office" so that private meetings are not interrupted by knocking or people trying to pop into the office. While you may like to have some open office hours, it is also good to be able to have some quieter hours for private meetings and phone calls.

By creating some privacy in the HR manager's office, people are more likely to use your internal processes to resolve disputes and be happier at work. Speak to an office planner day to discuss your options.