4 Facts for Beginners When Working with Metal Studs

26 April 2018
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Metal studs are ideal for framing interior walls regardless of whether you are adding a wall to your home or you are putting up a new structure. Metal studs are durable because they don't suffer from rot, rust, or burn. For instance, unlike wood, insects such as termites won't damage the studs Furthermore, because metal studs are light in weight, you can quickly cut and fasten them; therefore, metal studs are suitable for many DIY projects. Read More 

Reasons Why a Pre-Purchase Builder’s Report is Good for a Property Buyer

23 October 2017
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Buying a house can be a bit of a tedious process if you consider all the paperwork required to complete the entire process. Part of the process involves inspection of the house before purchase. While some people consider property inspection as a waste of time and resources, a pre-purchase building inspection is valuable. Notably, you can use the report to your advantage. This article highlights ways in which building inspections services could be of great help to you. Read More 

3 Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency in Your Timber Windows and Shutters

20 July 2016
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When incorporating wooden windows in your house, it's important to ensure that they are properly installed and that steps are taken to protect you from unnecessary heat gain or loss that would crank up your energy bills. If you already have timber windows in your house, you may be wondering how you can improve their thermal insulation capability. Replacing should actually be your last option; if you have sturdy frames, you or your contractor can take the following steps to cheaply increase efficiency and keep your old materials from the landfills. Read More 

Tips to Maintaining Limescale-Free Shower Screens

8 July 2016
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Do the hard white substances on your shower screens disgust you? Shower screens can be affected by the buildup of limescale over time. Limescale chiefly contains calcium carbonate that remains as white deposits after hard water (containing minerals) evaporates on the surface of your shower screen. If you often clean your shower screens and then rinse them off using water from the showerhead, leaving the screens to air dry, you will find limescale to be a recurring problem. Read More 

Quick Tips for Choosing the Best Type of Kitchen Vent and Filter System

4 March 2016
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In a commercial kitchen, you need to have a vent and filter as required by law. However, it can also be good to consider going beyond simple legal requirements and investing in the best vent and filter system for your particular facility and type of cooking; this will ensure the kitchen is as clean as possible and may also contribute to the comfort of your staff. Note a few quick tips for choosing the best type of kitchen vent and filter system for your commercial kitchen. Read More