Why Glass Balustrades Would Make a Great Addition to Your Home

28 December 2018
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Balustrades are barrier structures that serve as both support and protection on raised areas. They are commonly used on stairways, decks, balconies and anywhere you will find the need to install a protective barrier. Conventional materials used in the manufacture of balustrades include wood for the interior of the home and concrete or steel for the exterior. However, over time and with advancements in technology, glass is steadily gaining popularity as a balustrading material. Read on to learn some of the numerous benefits that glass balustrades can provide you with.

They can be used for an assortment of applications

One of the major benefits of glass balustrades is their versatility. When it comes to other materials, you would have to consider their application before you could determine if they would be suitable or not. For instance, wood balustrades are great for the indoors but will become highly susceptible to damage if they are used outdoors. As such, their versatility is limited to interior applications. Steel balustrades, on the other hand, may be used outdoors, but they would have to be installed in areas that are relatively sheltered from the elements to prevent premature corrosion. With glass balustrades, you do not have to worry about the exposure to the elements. Therefore, they can be installed anywhere both in and around the home.

They are safe and secure

Some people may assume that glass might not be suitable for balustrades as this material is fragile. The reality is that glass balustrades are not made from annealed glass, which is the normal type of glass. Instead, they are made of tempered glass; this is glass that has been put through heat processing to make it tougher than normal. As a result, the glass balustrades will be able to withstand high impact without the risk of shattering. If the tempered glass does break, it will not be a hazard, because the lamination of the glass ensures that it will stay in place rather than shatter into small, sharp, dangerous pieces. Overall, glass balustrades are a safe and secure alternative for your balustrading needs.

They enhance natural lighting

If you are concerned about your railings blocking the illumination of light in your home, then glass balustrades would be an ideal choice for your needs. Since the glass is transparent, light will not be obstructed. In addition to this, the glass will also reflect the available light, which would enhance the natural lighting in your home.