Do you need a new kitchen?

1 December 2021
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How does your kitchen look? Are you happy with it or do you sigh every time you try to make a meal? If your kitchen design is frustrating your culinary desires or if your kitchen is looking tired, why not consider working with a company that designs custom kitchens? You might think that all kitchens are similar, but there are a lot of things that you can do to make a kitchen your own or to adapt it to suit the needs of your family.

To get the best out of your kitchen, think through how you use the kitchen every day. Two specific points that must be addressed are how much space you need on the benchtop and whether you will have sufficient storage.

1. How much benchtop space do you need?

If you like preparing and cooking delicious meals, do you need lots of space to prepare them? If you like laying out the ingredients in advance or if you just want a place for your plates when you are serving the meal, sufficient benchtop space is essential. However, it can be easy for a kitchen benchtop to become crowded with appliances.

Maybe you have a microwave sitting on the benchtop? Perhaps there is a breadmaker or rice cooker there? Do you have a toaster and kettle also sitting on the work surface? Work with the custom kitchens company to increase the available working area of the kitchen. Perhaps you could ask for an island in the centre of the kitchen or maybe some of your appliances could be placed on shelves to free some space on the benchtop. Challenges like these will be a simple task for companies that specialise in designing custom kitchens.   

2. How much storage space do you need?

Storage is a challenge in almost any kitchen. There will be several sets of plates and bowls for your family and your guests but there will also be a multitude of cooking pots and pans to fit in somewhere. Perhaps you will only use some of the pans once or twice a year but they must still have a place in the kitchen. Regardless, there are ways you can make space for food in the kitchen. Irrespective of how much space you need, custom kitchen designers can work with you to ensure that everything you need can be close at hand but discreetly hidden from view but won't spoil the look of your new kitchen.