Subdivision Approval: Exemptions, Zone Requirements and Application

16 November 2015
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The process of subdividing land is also known as reconfiguration of a specific lot. Basically, this involves creating lots by sectioning an existing lot or merging at least two lots to form a single one. Rearranging the boundaries in a plot of land and creating an easement within the property is also considered as subdivision. Additionally, the subdivision term can be used if you lease out part of a lot or create an official community title scheme. Read More 

4 common fire equipment deficiencies

30 October 2015
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It's a no-brainer that fire safety equipment is a monumental part of any building's safety program. They can be the difference between life and death in case an accident occurs. That's why most facilities have this equipment installed. However, a number of code violations are normally broken, and deficiencies in the equipment are disturbingly common. Here are some of the most common fire code violations. You need to ensure your organization doesn't suffer from any of them. Read More 

Quick Tips for Adding Stonework to Your Home or Property

29 September 2015
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Natural stone can be a great choice for a building material, whether it's for a home's face or for a large privacy wall. Stonework is very durable and very regal looking while still looking natural, and it works well with any type of d├ęcor. Your contractor or builder can help you determine the best choice of stone for your home or for a wall around your property, but note a few quick tips before talking to him or her. Read More 

Mechanically Cleaning A Water Cooling Tower

27 August 2015
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Cooling towers should be washed down with a pressure washer on a yearly basis. This ensures that the tower performs as it should. This, in turn, reduces the inefficiency of the tower and can save money. For some businesses, washing the cooling tower also helps to improve the overall cosmetic appearance. This article looks at the steps involved when mechanically cleaning a cooling tower. Pre Wash Preparations There are some things you must do prior to washing the tower. Read More 

Optimising Investment plus Uptime

4 August 2015
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Tight deadlines, stormy weather and insufficient tank capacity are some of the many problems facing road line marking contractors. However, with the use of the right line marking equipment, contractors can be able to optimise their investment as well as uptime. Given that today's traffic volume is extremely high, completion of the line marking projects must be done as fast as possible so that any closed roads can be opened up again for motorists. Read More